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Welcome to Landpedia, created by the Habitat International Coalition’s specialized Member group: Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC-HLRN).

This Landpedia is designed as a service to HIC Members, other civil society organizations and the general public concerned with the human rights dimensions of land and land administration. It is the outcome of recommendations by the participants in the first round of the HIC-HLRN “Land Forum” in the Middle East/North Africa, convened under theme: “Dispossession, Displacement and Development Alternatives” (2009). This Landpedia especially covers that region, including an/this Arabic-language version with contents and features identical to the English-language Landpedia. However, this Landpedia’s scope—like HIC-HLRN’s mission and program—is global and relevant to users in every corner of the world.

To access the Landpedia’s contents, just click on the navigation links to the left, and discover the specialized documentation and materials, or you may upload your own contributions to those sections. That way, you can learn about—and help develop—the human rights dimensions of land together with a growing community of concern for human well-being linked to our common habitat. With this Landpedia, HIC-HLRN Members and others seek to develop and propose alternatives to current policies and practices of land administration that deeply affect human rights to adequate housing, food, health, culture and self-determination, as well as the very well-being of people across the MENA region, and indeed elsewhere.

*The Land and Its People 2015

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Land Forum I

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