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Welcome to the HIC-HLRN Landpedia Library.

This section provides articles, popular sources of land-rights claims, analytical sources and other documentation that clarify the human rights dimensions of land, land tenure and access, land administration, and related policies and practices. These resources are organized in five sections:

Legal Materials:

Now you are in the Legal Materials section of Landpedia. From here, you can search a variety of useful primary sources and legal commentary that include sources of customary law, treaty law (lex lata), declaratory or soft law (lex feranda) related to land rights, land use (including traditional-use land rights), relevant interstate commitments and general principles of international law.

Entries are listed alphabetically by title (or author) within the general categories of:

Customary law instruments

Treaty law instruments

Soft law instruments



Legal Commentary

Popular Sources:

The popular sources contained in the Landpedia Library are those statements, declarations and other documents produced by expert commentators, communities, social movements and peoples claiming land rights, including explicit claims to land and equitable land access as a human right. Those claims may be either grounded in law and derived from currently codified rights, or may be based on moral and ethical arguments.


Reports featured in this Landpedia Library section include links to documents presenting facts and/or memorializing events related to land rights and land-related issues in a variety of situations. The documents mounted here include conference reports, fact-finding reports, UN mission reports such as links to reports of Special Rapporteurs of the UN Human Rights Council and other international agencies, and reports from civil organizations producing factual information addressing land administration and land rights.

Analytical Materials:

The documents hosted and linked here are a selection of otherwise published and unpublished analyses and interpretations of land issues with an emphasis on the human rights dimensions of land and land administration. Most analyses address current policies and proposals for alternatives and pose solutions to related problems.

Other Documentation:

In the broad sense of documentation, the materials accessible through this section of the Landpedia Library include various media and forms that reflect human rights and land-related issues. That materials found here may be audio and/or visual representations of the subject, as well as transcripts and witness accounts that the user can access or download for research and other educational purposes.